2017 Cyclists
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Robert Fetherstonhaugh
"The adventure of crossing the Rockies again with friends is a challenge I look forward to. But what is most beneficial is raising funds for some very special kids and making their lives just a little bit better."

"I am very happy that my passion for bicycling can translate to helping kids Canada Wide. Need I say more?"
Marc Balevi
Charlie O'Connell
“I consider it an honor and a privilege to participate in this event.  I hope that the funds raised will provide a child with a respite from the ordeals of illness and replace them with unforgettable moments of joy, excitement and fun.”
Mark Post
Paul McDonald
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"Joining this adventure will be a great experience, the type that CCFK has been bringing to kids since 2002"
“My first time cycling long distance, first time cycling in Canada, very exciting. What a wonderful small, private initiative for a great cause with even greater outcome. Who does not want to make children smile, especially those who are struggling?"